Company vehicles

Whatever your field of business, if you own vehicles on the road, a good idea would be to visualize the location and use of these vehicles quickly and easily. Our GPS tracking system allows you to see the daily use and position of the vehicle at any time and with any device with internet access. Several options are available to inform you of the abusive behavior of your vehicles and you can discuss with your driver to get better performance on the road and prevent early repairs.

Simple and useful functions

Notification of acceleration and excessive braking.

Notification of speeding.

Notification of the start of the vehicle.

Idle engine abuse notification.

Sound alert inside the vehicle on speeding.

Audible warning inside the vehicle on request.

Scheduled maintenance notification.

Out of scope notification programmed.

Notification of collision.

Engine Cut Off 

Control your vehicle to prevent starting with the click of a button.


Monitor the location of your equipment and receive an alert when traveling.