Recover quickly

Your client does not give news, no problem. Just log in to find out where your vehicle is and activate the immobilizer. Then repossess your vehicle, so it will be ready to rent quickly, saving you time and money. Schedule payments and inform your customers by email or SMS. inform your customers by sound alert at the vehicle.

Keep your customers informed

Available with the TRX4000 4G

Notification to the customer by SMS or email payment to come.

Programmable delay audible alarm when starting the vehicle.

Programable audible alarm inside the vehicle on speeding.

Audible warning inside the vehicle on request.

Out of scope notification programmed.

Battery notification disconnected.

Programmable notification of departure of excessive stoppage of the vehicle.

Programable motor cut control.

Notification of collision.


Goes to sleep if no movement is detected, and confirms its potion every 8 hours. 


Always check with the installer if the installation of the immobilizer system is possible, on certain vehicles it will not be possible to use this function, or will require parts and additional time.