GPS Tracking Montréal

Fast Tracking connected to 4G

Real-time solution for one or more vehicles



Allows you to locate all your vehicles. Whether the vehicle is motionless or moving, locating it will only take a few seconds. Our GPS Tracking System is ideal for fleet owners or your on-the-road representatives. From your office or restaurant, see what's happening with your vehicles in real time.


No more puzzles with customers who do not make their payment, who move without giving their new address and change their phone number. During this period, this customer walks with your vehicle that brings you nothing, and you on your side you lose a huge time trying to find your vehicle that can be around the corner or 300km from your business. This situation, which can take weeks or even months to run after this client, is now a thing of the past.



Allows you to keep an eye on your personal vehicles, our GPS tracking system installs on almost all cars, trucks, trailers, RVs, snowmobiles, boats, trailers, ect. TrackLock when activated, continuously monitors the location and movement of the vehicle. When the system detects no vibration, the system goes to sleep and saves battery power up to 3 years without maintenance. You will be alerted by SMS if vibrations are picked up on the vehicle or if it moves from the location where it was activated.