Your tracking system as needed.

Receive alerts via SMS quickly.


The most reliable vehicle intrusion sensor on the market today. Detects motion using a single RF technology. Ideal for convertibles, trucks, boat.

When activated you will quickly receive an alert directly to your phone if someone gets too close to the vehicle.

Prevent theft and unauthorized use

You also will prevent the theft and use of vehicles is not allowed. With TrackLock, you decide if the vehicle should not move from one place. Even if someone hold a key vehicle it will not start and you will receive an SMS message if there start attempt.

Quickly activate the vehicle startup control anywhere.

Car security system with professional installation

Vehicle safety include; two remotes 4-button 1-way, impact sensors 2 level, panic exit horn, one auxiliary output.

When activated you will quickly receive an alert directly to your phone if the system triggers.

Remote car starter autostart connected to your GPS Track Pro Module

Offers convenience to preheat your vehicle, which is ideal not only for the health of your engine but also heat the vehicle to a comfortable temperature before you start driving.

Start your vehicle directly to your phone works anywhere in canada / usa.

Wire tap for private investigation.

Did you know that it can be operated remotely TrackPro system to listen to the conversation in a vehicle under surveillance ?.  It follows from the use of the buyer to comply with laws regarding the products and will disobey the law on wiretapping modules into force in CANADA. Article 191 of the Criminal Code.

When activated, you can listen to conversations inside the vehicle.